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Friday, July 22, 2005

Why are there so many singles in Singapore?

I read an article in Today recently about how there are 23 MILLION single Chinese men in China. It got me thinking. There are a lot of singles in Singapore too. I know tons of people who are in their thirties and single. Most of them have been single for a long time.

So why are there so many single Singaporeans? Is it because they work such long crappy hours in this country that they don't have any time to socialize? A lot of my friends work over 50 or 60 hours a week. I guess after working all day at a job that you don't really enjoy with a demanding boss could really be tiring. You probably just want to leave the office and go home.

Or maybe the problem is not the lack of time, but that singles are too fussy and particular about who they want to marry? They must have the 5Cs (cash, condo, credit card, car, and country club membership). Or they must be good-looking, rich, and have a nice personality?

Another complaint from singles is that there is no place where couples can be alone. Most singles have to live at home with their parents. It's too expensive for singles to get their own place and there are a lot of regulations about who can or can't buy a flat. It's practically impossible for couples to live together before getting married.

Most of my friend's parents don't allow overnight guests. And my friends are thirty something. They are adults, not teenagers! I think it's terrible that couples have to have sex in cars (if they have access to one) or other public places like the stairwell of HDB flats (which I think is disgusting). It's so silly when you have to sneak around with your date.

Why can't parents be more open-minded? Why does sex have to be treated like it's some kind of shameful thing. It's ridiculous. My European friends said their parents allowed them to have boyrfriends or girlfriends stay over whenever they wanted. They would even eat breakfast in the morning together with their parents.

I wish my parents were like that when I lived with them!


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