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Friday, April 06, 2007

One Last Paper

Hee Haw! On my last paper. Sick of writing. Getting wiped out by staying home on weekends writing and editing papers. Should be done with the paper today! Leaving town tomorrow.

Already did some packing. Always travel light. Just a carryon since I am only going away for 4 nights. Looking forward to getting off of this island. Think I will go nuts if I don't.

Next step.....look for a new job in another country. Time to leave. Signed on to finish one more year, then my contract is done. So have a whole year to find a new job I like. Actually, the job isn't as important as the country.

Has to be some place that I think is fun and exciting. I am kind of bored of this place. It's easy to live here, but it's also kind of dull after a while.


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