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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Staying friends with Ex-es

Why do people bother to stay friends with ex-boyfriends? If they have moved on and you haven't, then it's like self-torture to be around someone who is now with someone else.

And forget about trying to stay friends if it was a messy break-up. Why does everyone say, "We can be friends"? It's ridiculous.

Why should women be friends with guys who didn't treat them well when they were dating? There shouldn't be any obligations. Both parties should just get over it and forget about it.

Get away from him. Ignore him. Move on. Delete his phone number. Be strong!

Meeting up with a ex-bf will only bring back past anger and hurt. So don't meet him or any of his friends. What's the point? You are only hurting yourself and making it harder for you to recover.

You had a life before him, and you still have one. Get out there and keep yourself busy and distracted with other things that you like.

Your life is your own. Enjoy it!


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