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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Near Death Experience

This is kind of a follow up to my rant about crappy car drivers in Singapore. This time I was on a bus heading towards Newton. It was Saturday morning and the bus was entering a junction when a car tried to cut across. The bus driver had to slam on his brakes. He honked and the car driver stopped just in time. Thank goodness that the bus driver was alert.

It really freaked me out. I could see everything that was happening because I was sitting in the front. I imagined the car being smashed to bits and sailing across the intersection.

Lots of swearing and yelling by various passengers behind me including myself.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH CAR DRIVERS IN THIS COUNTRY? What an idiot! Wanted to run out and bang on the driver's window and give him hell.

Close call.


  • At 11:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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  • At 5:15 AM , Blogger Unreal said...

    I'm sorry to know about that fuckwart who nearly screwed your day, but there're just some drivers out there who think and assume that they are good enough although incidents like that only prove otherwise. In other words, they suck. Probably that fool's thinking that just because he's in a car, he's definitely faster than the bus. Sigh...... this country's got bad enough drivers, don't think we need anymore more of the same coming out of driving centres.

  • At 10:08 AM , Blogger indiscreet said...

    I wonder what driving centres teach people here. I don't have a license. I hope the cameras at the junction got a nice clear shot of this guy's license since he obviously ran a light and almost got us killed. What a jerk. Now I really wished I ran out and shouted at him.

    Don't know how you can manage to ride a bike. You must have had some close calls yourself.

  • At 4:04 PM , Blogger Unreal said...

    My hero ever said, every hardcore rider will get into one big accident in his or her life. Accidents happen, whether we like it or not, but many accidents can be avoided. Those riders, like my brother, who get himself a pair of wheels simply for transport, are the kinda people who'll hardly get into any accidents. And his predictions are pretty good too, guess it's in the blood eh? Don't worry about it, you'll do alright. Driving Centres-wise, The one in Ang Mo Kio called SSDC, actually churns out some of the best riders. Go check it out.

  • At 8:26 PM , Blogger indiscreet said...

    I need to think about it some more. I like the feeling of being on a bike and it's easy to find parking. Plus I can't afford a car ever. I was thinking that I would only use it to get around.

    I think I am still not prepared to risk life and limb.....

    Thanks for the advice!


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