Utterly Indiscreet

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Lingerie Jungle

So I was supposed to be xmas shopping and got off on the wrong floor of a department store on Orchard Road. There were tons of women milling around, so had to check it out. There was some kind of sale in the lingerie department. Woowee.

It's pretty amazing actually. You can literally be any size and shape if you had the money. Bigger, smaller, flatter, curvier...the lists goes on. There are thousands of contraptions that women wear just to make themselves look better for the opposite sex.

There were a couple of husbands or boyfriends standing around looking thoroughly bored and lost. Think they should have ESPN and some comfortable chairs to keep these poor souls entertained. Must be torture for them.

Isn't it a little bit embarassing for them to be there? Or maybe I am the one who is embarassed. "Stop looking at what I am buying!"


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