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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Too Many Damn Lights

Yep, the xmas decorations are up on Orchard Rd. It's really over-the-top. Looks like the Singapore version of Las Vegas. Lights everywhere. Shiny things dangling from trees. Shopping malls with huge xmax displays covering the entire front of the entrance. The 3 storey snowman infront of one mall is especially ugly.

There are xmas tunes coming out of some monstrous decorations/xmas sculptures at the intersection of Scott's Road and Orchard. They are a bit scary-looking for xmas decorations.

Still remember the time when some friends visited a few years ago and said, "What! How come the xmas decorations are up already?" (It was November)

I replied, "Erm...xmas is coming...I guess..." Let the shopping and over-consumption begin!


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