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Saturday, November 26, 2005


I quit one of my classes, a language class. It was taking up too much of my free time. Got tired of getting up so early on my day off to take it and felt like I couldn't keep up. But I did keep up with this language class for over a year! So there! HA!

Trying not to feel guilty. It was only a hobby, but had sort of hoped it would lead to something else.

Anyways, I am telling myself that I can always pick up from where I started....if....I....don't....lose....every....thing....I....learned.

Hmm...what are some other things I am interested in? I think I need to develop the right side of my brain more. Art, photography? Martial arts? Dance?

Preferably, nothing that happens before 11 a.m.


  • At 3:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    what about watercolours as its not that expensive compared to photography . . .and suppose to be somewhat abstract so no need to worry too much about details, only need to capture the emotion of the scene or subject. also, develops the right side of the brain and more importantly it is rather relaxing and therapuetic.

  • At 8:11 PM , Blogger indiscreet said...

    I think I am interested in digital photography. Don't need to worry buying film and can see the photo right away. Also, if I can figure out how to use some software, I can manipulate some of the photos and make something really weird and interesting.


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