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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Increasing Vanity

Okay....I am getting older and more skin conscious. For the last two years, I have been getting facials every month or so. But haven't noticed much difference.

My doctor removed a couple of blemishes from my face for me in her office today.

It was damn fast. She used radiowaves. She gave me a couple of shots first. There's no cutting. Just the smell of burning skin from the radiowaves touching my skin. Should be all healed in a week. Amazing techonology! So that got me thinking.

What else can I have done? The sun and my progressing age is taking its toll. Am I getting more vain as I get older? Yes, though I still look good for my age. Should I try botox? No, I don't like the idea of something being injected into my face. Should I start wearing makeup regularly? Maybe, but I am a bit too lazy to bother with that.

Decisions, decisions....


  • At 5:44 PM , Blogger Unreal said...

    Embrace medical technology, it's all good.

    Anyway, I don't see anything wrong about feeling a little more vain, be it getting older or not. It's an entitlement, so you've got every right to look gorgeous.

    Well, not me though 'cause I won't be bothered to, y'know? Like fixing my hair nice nice, plus wearing helmet, equals finished.

  • At 8:46 PM , Blogger indiscreet said...

    Thanks. But I guess because I am a "low maintenance" kind of gal, it is kind of weird for me to spend money on facials and cosmetics. In the end, everyone gets old so looks is such a temporary thing. However, it wouldn't hurt to put a little more effort.

    Do guys think most women wear too much?

    How do you deal with helmet hair? Or do you just keep your hair really short?

  • At 6:30 AM , Blogger Unreal said...

    I've always thought that minimal makeup is nicest, although I'm not really bothered by thick makeup.

    My hair is not really short, that's why I'm hardly bothered to style it up with stuff. Some guys out there will start looking for a mirror once they get off their bikes, not me. I'll simply use my hands to try and make it a little neater although I doubt that's of any help 'cause I don't use any mirrors. Much like remove helmet, use my hand to brush it a little and "I think it's alright" type.

  • At 11:10 AM , Blogger indiscreet said...

    At least you still have hair. Some guys start losing theirs or have already lost their hair.


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