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Friday, March 10, 2006

Sucker for Girl Guides

Two cute little girl guides (Brownies actually) came to my door to ask if I wanted to donate money. I asked them why they weren't wearing their uniforms. Apparently, they just came from home and live in the neigbourhood.

Wonder how they got past the security guard. Guess it's hard to say no to two little girls even though they aren't supposed to be ringing doorbells. They looked like they were 9 or 10 years old.

I gave them $10. Didn't even hesitate. Probably because they were so cute and industrious. They gave me one tiny package of sweets and said thank you very politely.

Glad they had good manners. I have noticed the lack of manners in shops lately. Why don't people say thank you in this country? Is everyone so rude and only care about taking your cash? Managers should be teaching their staff to be more polite. I always say thank you even though the cashier ignores me.

Wonder what the two girl guides will do with the money....


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