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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Golf Clinic

Took a intro golf clinic last week. Wanted to see why so many of my colleagues are so into it. Actually, it's just the men. Don't really know any female golfers. Learned the three strokes: putting, chipping, and driving.

Putting is when you are really close to the hole and you want to get the ball in. Chipping is when you are stuck like in a sandtrap or something and you want to get your ball to lift up out of whatever you are stuck in.

Driving is when you want distance. I practiced this on the driving range. Basically, you have to swing your club really high and then finish with your club really high too. A lot of rotation of the arms and shoulders. Good way to let out your frustration. Just swing and try to hit as hard as you can. Actually, it doesn't really matter about your strength. It's all in the technique.

It will take a lot more practice before I can even play a game. Actually, I wouldn't mind trying the driving range again. You just keep swinging and hitting until you feel tired.

Not signing up for lessons. Just wanted to get a taste of it to see what it's all about.

Guess that old saying is true: practice makes perfect.



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