Utterly Indiscreet

Friday, June 17, 2005

Sick of Sarong Party Girl

Some of you have probably seen or read about Sarong Party Girl's nude photo on her blog. No, I am not going to give you her blog address. Find it yourself!

There are two reasons why I think she is getting so much public attention:

1. She is a young Singaporean women who is obsessed with picking up rich Caucasian men.

This is not original, so who cares? There must be thousands of other women like her in Singapore. I would be more interested in a Caucasian women who wants to pick up Asian men. Ha!

2. She posted a black and white nude photo of herself on her blog. Her face was blurred out, of course. Again, what's the big deal???

I have seen better bodies among my own friends or just strangers on the street. Are the men so pathetic that they have to drool over her nude body? Also, isn't she kind of pathetic for posting her photo? Obviously, she needs a lot of public attention.

I did a survey of some of my male friends who have seen her photo. Most of them were not that impressed. They don't think her body is that attractive or thought she was kind of "plump."

So let's get over this obsession with her photo. I am sick of her!

Who else agrees with me? Send me your comments.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Indiscreet Security Guards

One of my male friends dropped by late at night a few weeks ago. He said that the security guard made him sign in which was good. But then he also asked him if "he was staying over?" Arghh!

What an invasion of privacy! It's none of their business. I can't believe that the guard asked my friend that question.

From now on, I am telling all my male friends to say they are staying over. Ha! It's fun to confuse the security guards.....I.........think.