Utterly Indiscreet

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Big Boyz Toyz Show

Okay, I admit it. I went to the Big Boyz Toyz Show (I think that's how it was spelt) out of curiousity. Wanted to see why men were so excited about this show. I figured it out. It's not just the beautiful cars and motorcycles. However, the 120k red bike was quite impressive.

The men were there for the models in their skimpy outfits. There was even a FHM (FHM is one of the local men's magagazines) booth with models handing out flyers.

But the strangest thing was the Miss Big Boyz Toyz beauty pageant. Music was blasting. Contestants strutted their stuff across a small stage in their bikinis. Hordes of sweaty men with video cameras, handphone cameras, and all kinds of other recording devices were aiming their lenses (and who knows what else) at the stage.

It was quite a sight and don't mean the contestants (I wasn't that impressed), but the numbers of desperate men out there. Guess this is the only way they can get close to a bikini babe. Am I jealous? No. Just found it kind of amusing and strange.

How come there weren't any hunky male models with abs of steel? How about a Big Girls Toyz show???

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Lingerie Jungle

So I was supposed to be xmas shopping and got off on the wrong floor of a department store on Orchard Road. There were tons of women milling around, so had to check it out. There was some kind of sale in the lingerie department. Woowee.

It's pretty amazing actually. You can literally be any size and shape if you had the money. Bigger, smaller, flatter, curvier...the lists goes on. There are thousands of contraptions that women wear just to make themselves look better for the opposite sex.

There were a couple of husbands or boyfriends standing around looking thoroughly bored and lost. Think they should have ESPN and some comfortable chairs to keep these poor souls entertained. Must be torture for them.

Isn't it a little bit embarassing for them to be there? Or maybe I am the one who is embarassed. "Stop looking at what I am buying!"


I quit one of my classes, a language class. It was taking up too much of my free time. Got tired of getting up so early on my day off to take it and felt like I couldn't keep up. But I did keep up with this language class for over a year! So there! HA!

Trying not to feel guilty. It was only a hobby, but had sort of hoped it would lead to something else.

Anyways, I am telling myself that I can always pick up from where I started....if....I....don't....lose....every....thing....I....learned.

Hmm...what are some other things I am interested in? I think I need to develop the right side of my brain more. Art, photography? Martial arts? Dance?

Preferably, nothing that happens before 11 a.m.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Being Famous

It's kind of weird how some people can have groupies. I was entertaining some overseas visitors who were here to give a seminar and they were surrounded by fans after their talk.

All of these poly students were running up to them to get autographs and photos taken. Guys and girls!!

Very strange. Why do people do that? What makes some people become so excited when they are around their idols? Even though their idols may have a special talent, they are still only people. Or are they???

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Manners in Singapore

Where are they? No one says please or thank you or you're welcome. I always say thank you to cashiers, taxidrivers, etc, but they rarely reply. Are people so unfriendly or poorly trained that they can't even bother to give a reply?

Why aren't parents, teachers, and employers teaching people to have good manners?

How are the new casinos or integrated resorts going to survive if people are not trained to be polite?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Karate Kid Contortions

Brought a friend to a yoga/pilates class. He turned out to be the only guy. "Umm...am I the only guy here?" Yep, sorry. There are usually more. Ha!

Good workout for the legs and improving one's balance. Felt a little bit like I was learning martial arts because there were some Karate Kid movie moves.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Too Many Damn Lights

Yep, the xmas decorations are up on Orchard Rd. It's really over-the-top. Looks like the Singapore version of Las Vegas. Lights everywhere. Shiny things dangling from trees. Shopping malls with huge xmax displays covering the entire front of the entrance. The 3 storey snowman infront of one mall is especially ugly.

There are xmas tunes coming out of some monstrous decorations/xmas sculptures at the intersection of Scott's Road and Orchard. They are a bit scary-looking for xmas decorations.

Still remember the time when some friends visited a few years ago and said, "What! How come the xmas decorations are up already?" (It was November)

I replied, "Erm...xmas is coming...I guess..." Let the shopping and over-consumption begin!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fairy Tale for a Friend

Once upon a time, an independent career girl met a guy. The girl was quite happy and she didn't really mind being single. She had lots of friends and really loved her work.

However, the guy was nice and they had many things in common. They started to hang out a lot together: coffee, movies, dinner etc. Everyone thought they were a nice couple. Her parents even liked him even though he wasn't rich and they didn't have much to say to him.

Eventually, they moved in together. They became very domestic. They stayed home more often and rented movies on Friday nights.

After they had been together for a while the girl asked the guy, "Will you marry me?" The guy said, "No."

So the girl moved out and became single again.

The girl lived happily ever after. She went shopping, dancing, travelled around the world, got a Masters degree, always had a clean house, and did whatever she wanted.

The end.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What is Chemistry?

What makes two people "have chemistry"? Was talking to a friend about that during dinner a few nights ago. The friend said Singaporeans are "not very attractive" and therefore, attraction cannot just be physical. There has to be chemistry.

I think there has to be some kind of intellectual chemistry. i.e I enjoy talking to the person and the conversation moves along easily.

I know it's a bad date when one or both people run out of things to say.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Should friends tell each other the Truth?

It's strange living in this country sometimes. Everyone is so indirect about stuff. I can't tell if someone likes me or they are just being friendly. I wish I was psychic or something. Or had some kind of mind-reading machine. Just plug in and zap. I know exactly what the other person was thinking.

I also don't understand how some friends cannot warn me about a person whose intentions are not honorable.

I guess it's partly because the friends are being protective or maybe they think that the truth will affect our friendship. Or maybe they didn't think it was important. Anyways, shouldn't that have been up to me to decide?

I think there are some things that should be told even if it's bad news or leads to disappointment. Fortunately, someone else told me the Truth.

Disappointment is part of life and life is too short to get hung up on disappointing people. There are millions of them out there.

And yes, I still consider my friends as friends. Their intentions were good. I just think that the Truth would have been better.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Why do couples stay together?

Wondering about the answer to this question because one of my male friends has a really moody girlfiend. Don't know how he tolerates that. One minute they are fine and the next, she is picking a fight with him just because she is in a bad mood or has PMS.

Feel sorry for my friend. I hate it when a guy yells at me or tries to pick a fight just because he had a crappy day. I would rather walk away and wait until he calms down before sorting things out.

So why does my friend stay with her? He says it's because there are more good times than bad times. And she has some qualities that he really likes.

But still......I wonder if that is enough?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween Costume Parties

A friend of mine went to two costume parties for Halloween. I was actually kind of surprised seeing how most people don't do that kind of thing here. i.e. make an effort to dress up for a party or wear a costume. I guess it's because Singaporeans are afraid of embarassing themselves?

So three cheers to my friend.

There are still people here who like to have fun and don't care what others think!