Utterly Indiscreet

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Singapore's Halloween

Halloween is catching on in Singapore. In N. America, kids would dress up in costumes and knock on doors asking for "tricks or treats" on Halloween night which is October 31st. This is fun if you live in an area that has lots of young children.

People would make jack-o-latterns(pumpkins with carved faces on them) and place candles inside of them for display. Some of the parents would even answer the doorbell in costume to give out candy on Halloween night. Sometimes, there are even fireworks launched from a neighbour's front yards.

In this country, Halloweeen is mostly for ex-patriots. The parents go around their condo or houses on their street with their kids in costumes asking for treats. Or if you are an adult, you wear some freaky costume and go out to one of the parties at the clubs.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Praying for Patience

I lost my temper again. At 7:30 am, some loud dance music woke me. And it's Sunday morning - my day of rest. I was so angry that I changed my clothes and went downstairs to find out who had the loud stereo. It turned out it was the building across from mine in my complex. I took the elevator up until I found the culprit. Banged on the door and rang the doorbell, but of course no one answered. They probably couldn't hear me. Complained to the security guard.

Eventually, it stopped. I told the security guard the block, floor, and unit number. Unbelieveable. I live on the ninth floor and in a different building and I could hear their music.

I wrote a letter to the management. If it happens again, I am going over to that unit again. What a bunch of inconsiderate idiots. I really don't understand why there are so many selfish and ungracious people in this country.

Yep, I definitely need to work on "Love thy neighbour."

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Writing B papers

Have another paper to write this weekend for a Master class. Sucks. Seems like I have to write something for a professor at the university like every two weeks.

Can only write papers on weekends because too hard to focus after work on weekdays. Fortunately, I am a fast writer. It's due on Monday. I don't like to spend the whole weekend stuck at home writing, so I get up early and write on Sat and Sun.

So far, my marks have been okay. Bs and B pluses. Could have gotten straight As if I didn't wait until the last minute to write (the weekends). Ha!

Oh well. Marks are not everything.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Getting Lost at Vivo City

Have you been to the super huge mall called Vivo City? It is the largest mall in Singapore. I am not joking. You can really get lost there. It is so crowded too. Located right above Harbour Front MRT.

There are a few new stores that are attracting attention like Gap and Bear and Pull. There is a 15 hall Golden Village with its own arthouse hall called Cinema Europa.

I think it is going to be busy there all the time. It's quite wide on the ground floor but narrow on the second.

Do we really need another mall? I like shopping, but not all the time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Men are Scared

Made dinner for a friend the other night and we got talking about the men in Singapore. He thought that Singaporean men were immature and that's why I should never date one. He's Singaporean too, but studied in the UK. He came back a couple of years ago and wants to go overseas again.

According to him, if I am too direct or assertive I could scare the guys away. My point is that if I just waited, nothing would happen because the guy does not have enough confidence to ask me out. He said I have to pretend I am in secondary school because that's how emotionallly immature guys are. They like to be in control. That's riduculous and silly.

Are men really that scared and insecure?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fight on the MRT

Okay, I am not afraid of anyone. I was taking the MRT to Boonlay on Thursday after work when I saw two secondary boys blasting their music. They didn't have headphones and wanted everyone to hear their music. I couldn't tolerate it. I was tired and annoyed.

So I yelled at them to turn it off. "Is that your music? Is it really necessary that we all hear your music. Use headphones or turn it off." The jerks totally ignored me. They didn't even make eye contact. So I yelled at them some more. I wanted to call the MRT station for help but I didn't have the number.

They were wearing short sleeved white shirts with school badges and blue pants. I couldn't tell which school they were from. If I do find out, I will talk to their principal.

They were really tall and big boys too. But I didn't care. I am sick of inconsiderate people on public transport. I think they were Malay because they were both very dark. Of course, no one else on the train stood up for me.

I hate this place sometimes. People just mind their own business even when there are idiots around.

I am going to be even more pissed off if I see them again. They better watch out because next time I am going to keep shouting until they stop or get out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Making Noise

Do you have any friends who always need to be the centre of attention? They always say stuff or do stuff to get attention. I just ignore them. But sometimes they get on my nerves.

What about guys who can't seem to make up their minds about women? They are annoying. They need to decide if they like the girl and go for it or don't like them and leave them alone. There are so many wishy-washy guys in this country.

One more thing. People who jump the queue. I never let anyone jump in front of me when I was there first and have been waiting for a long time. I will tell them that I am first if they try to budge in front of me. It really pisses me off.