Utterly Indiscreet

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Staying friends with Ex-es

Why do people bother to stay friends with ex-boyfriends? If they have moved on and you haven't, then it's like self-torture to be around someone who is now with someone else.

And forget about trying to stay friends if it was a messy break-up. Why does everyone say, "We can be friends"? It's ridiculous.

Why should women be friends with guys who didn't treat them well when they were dating? There shouldn't be any obligations. Both parties should just get over it and forget about it.

Get away from him. Ignore him. Move on. Delete his phone number. Be strong!

Meeting up with a ex-bf will only bring back past anger and hurt. So don't meet him or any of his friends. What's the point? You are only hurting yourself and making it harder for you to recover.

You had a life before him, and you still have one. Get out there and keep yourself busy and distracted with other things that you like.

Your life is your own. Enjoy it!

Friday, January 19, 2007

More Photos

Here are some more cool photos from my trip. Also, my old apartment building. I lived on the tenth floor. Met some yakuza guys in the elevator once. Didn't talk to them, of course.

White Mazda from the car museum. Think it is from the 1960s? Very nice.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Photos from Japan

Here are some odd or nice photos from my trip to Japan. The yellow car was in a classic car museum that I wandered into. It was inside a shopping mall!

There is the biggest takoyaki I have ever eaten. It was 200 yen.

There are manequins of children in winter clothes in front of a bakery.

Some tastefully done up Christmas lights on trees on the street.

The two cute dogs in cart were waiting for their owner outside a bookshop.

The huge brown spider sculpure thing looks like it is invading the earth! Scary!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Why I like Japan

Several reasons:

1. Good food. Even the convenience store sell fresh and homemade-made like dishes. Love the bento boxes. Japanese food is very healthy.

2. Talking bus stops posts. There are electronic posts at the bus stops and they talk. Tells you when the bus is one block away. Amazing.

3. Polite people. Service is excellent. Clerks always greet you though some of them follow me around too closely. I prefer to be able to take my own time to browse around and not have a clerk looking over my shoulder. However, they pay close attention and know instantly when I want something. They are also knowledgeable about everything they sell in the store unlike Singapore where most clerks can`t even answer basic questions like where something was made.

4. Trains and subways. Everything runs on time. There are electronic signs that tell you when the next train or subway is coming. Very exact. For example, 3:21 pm. Right down to the minute.

5. Fashionable and trendy. People aren`t afraid to take fashion risks. Latest trend are high boots; all kinds.....leather, suade etc. Some Japanese in their twenties and thirties have really funky hairdos and clothes though some of it is a bit weird. The women always wear make up and do their hair. The men are well groomed. Men wear suits and ties if they are working.

6. Hot baths. There are centos or public bath houses. My friend lives near a natural hotspring. We went a few nights ago. If you aren`t embarassed to sit in a super hot bath with a bunch of strangers, then it`s relaxing. Everyone showers before getting into the bath. Segregated baths for men and women of course. I would never go to a co-ed one.

7. Attention to detail. The Japanese really put effort into how things look. Flower arrangements in the lobby of my friend`s apartment building changes periodically. Taxi drivers wear suits and ties and white gloves. Restaurants give you proper cutlery etc. Great!